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pablo iba a darme la espalda como lo ha hecho. >> ¿y siempre ha sido así? >> no, siempre fue un hijo modelo, mi orgullo, pero desde que se le metió en la cabeza casarse con la hija de esa sirvienta, se convirtió en un extraño para mi. >> bueno, yo estaría igual que tú si alonso hubiera tomado una decisión así, bueno, y ya ves, aunque se casó con camila terminó divorciándose y, también me ha decepcionado tremendamente. >> debió ser muy duro para ti criarlo sola. >> si, muy duro, yo era muy joven cuando quedé viuda y aun así traté de darle lo mejor, que tuviera una buena educación, una preparación suficiente para abrirse camino. pero, no sé en que fallé. >> no, no digas eso, estoy seguro que fuiste la mejor de las madres, pero los hijos crecen, toman sus propias decisiones, y a veces por desgracia estas son equivocadas, uno no tiene más que aceptarlo, esperar a que recapaciten. >> ¿eso es lo que esperas que suceda con pablo? >> te mentiría si te digo que no, es muy duro y difícil desear que tu hijo toque fondo, para que se dé cuenta de su error, pero nadie escar
of players you're going to love. >> >> [speaking spanish] let's hear it for pablo sandoval . [cheers and applause] [speaking spanish] ,. >> what's up san francisco? [cheers and applause] >> [speaking spanish] >> love you guys. [cheers and applause] >> [speaking spanish] >> all right. let's hear it for pablo and marco. [cheers and applause] >> well, like many fans i'm also a fan of baseball. when we're not broadcasting we're traveling with the team. i also enjoy watching the teams on tv and listening to these guys. let's hear it for them. [cheers and applause] >> all right. how's everybody doing? good? are we ready to make some noise? seriously. i am serious. now, how does that home run call go? do you all remember? right. can you help me out? "he hits it high. he hits it deep, and he hits it -- very good. all right. let's do a couple of practice runs before we start eliminating some cities. all right. let's do a pablo sandoval home run. pablo, give me a fake swing. he hit its high. he hits it deep and he hits it -- already. let's do one more. jeremy, are you re
. -- back to san pablo dam road reports of an accident farther east, rain causing havoc this morning for your commute. oakland west 580 before lake shore injury accident. back to our waze app showing you folks getting off of 580 taking fruitvale avenue to the -- the accident is not blocking all lanes on 580, just two lanes, folks getting off to head towards the 880 freeway on fruitvale. you can download in app free on google play or the app store and navigate your morning commute. >>> happening now in louisiana, small town under he following discovery of improperly stored explosives. six million pounds located in buildings near shreveport, the buildings are connected -- [ unintelligible ] police found the corridors stuffed with explosives, including a -- [ unintelligible ] voluntary evacuation orders are in effect for a town of 800 people through friday. >>> new numbers show women are making inroads in the legal and medical fields. in 2010, women had just over 33% of all legal jobs. up from 29% in the year 2000 in the medical field, women had just over 32% of those jobs in 2010. up
pinole valley road very slow 80 westbound due to earlier accident at san pablo dam road, bumper-to-bumper just give yourself time should be clearing out free app you can download at the app or or google play. >>> live to cortamadera look outside you can see the rain causing pooling water on lucky drive, persistent problem in the north bay whenever it rains here's video from earlier north of there on highway 101 near sir francis drake. as mike mentioned the wet weather is expected to continue throughout the morning you will want to stay with the abc7 morning news for the latest information. coming up, back live to terry mcsweeney for an update on the conditions. >>> more rain definitely a concern in marin county for some still digging out off a -- digging out. one resident snapped this picture of his home, six inches of mud covered his lawn it filled his pool too. four inches of water ruined floors in two hopes. stay with abc7 news for continuing storm watch coverage. track the -- storm any time at when weather hits your area your photos to ureport. >>> developing n
: barry, barry, barry! >> he was there and came back to life, number 48, the mvp of the world series pablo sandoval. [cheers and applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, the world champion 2012 san francisco giants. [cheers and applause] now to make a very special presentation please welcome the great mayor of the great city of san francisco mayor ed lee. >> audience: let's go giants! let's go giants. >> let's go giants. wow how thrilled we're are to have the world series champions back in san francisco. what a year it has been. it's been the year of the orange dragon. yeah! . orange october. but you know we have celebrated, we have screamed, we have shouted all year long and once again the giants have captured our imagination and team work and they did the hard work. often we look at sports and we have super stars and we have super stars but there is a motto on the clubhouse wall and it says "25 guys, one common goal, win today". [cheers and applause] and they certainly live up to this motto. when i see young people, all of the city supporting giants gear it's about the impact of this
-0. >>> pablo sandoval was a judge in the ms. universe pageant in las vegas tonight. 89 women took the stage. no video of pablo at the competition, but we're going to show you a little of the competition anyway. in the end it came down to ms. pill feigns and ms. u.s.a. and ms. usa out of rhode island became the first american since 1997 to win the crown. go usa! [ laughter ] >> quite a sports story. [ laughter ] >> tim lincecum has a new hairdo, and it's short. he had his worst year in the majors last year until he came out of the bullpen in the playoffs and helped the giants win the world series. maybe he's getting it to get a new look. he could still grow it back. >>> a 5th grader starring for the high school varsity basketball team. 4'5" 5th grader, 10 years old, playing varsity basketball in orlando, florida. >> have a good night, everybody.
san pablo, una pareja es asesinada dejando huerfana a su hija... take map ---la policia revelo que el crimen se cometio este pasado domingo por la tarde en las escaleras de la unidad habitacional donde vivian edgar campano y su pareja blanca arguetta, ambos de treinta anos de edad.. take vo --- la hija de la pareja, de tan solo cuatro anos, estaba en su departamento cuando fueron cometidos los asesinatos... ---se desconoce el movil y no hay sospechosos... jaime --- el escndalo del maestro de la primaria whaley en san jos, parece haber puesto al distrito escolar de evergreen en la defensiva. take vo segn el peridico mercury news, el distrito envi una carta a padres en la que parece justificarse por no responder a tiempo a reportes de que el maestro craig chandler abus a una alumna, y para anunciar que realizar clases de prevencin de asalto sexual para estudiantes. chandler, quien fue arrestado despus de presuntamente abusar de un segundo estudiante, enfrenta juicio el prximo mes... la directora del plantel fue encontrada culpable de negligencia el mes pasado por no reportar posible abu
thomas. we'll hand it over to mike. >>> issue out there, black ice on san pablo dam road near inspiration point may have caused accident. not only frosty conditions but the possibility of black ice this will happen again tomorrow morning coolest morning will be wednesday something to think about. here's a look at live doppler, high clouds have moved on, hitting our coldest temperatures of the morning now, that means 30s in a lot of areas around the bay to 44 in san francisco, mid to upper 40s at noon, low! 50s with a few high clouds and sunshine this afternoon, same inland where the frost is most prevalent flirting with 30 there, temperature of about 50 as we head through the afternoon, over at the coast, 38 to 43 through 7:00, mid to upper 40s by noon and then mainly mid to upper 40s by 4:00 with a lot of clouds, a lot of sunshine and a few high clouds, extended period of dry weather started yesterday. >>> we are getting word of a new accident in milpitas northbound 680 before calaveras boulevard near 237 watch out for that accident we have cars on the right shoulder, possibly some delay
at a connecticut elementary school. how those victims are being remembered. >>> we are live in san pablo where an overnight fire destroyed the front of a home. we'll tell you what firefighters think may have caused the fire. >>> san francisco international airport prepares for one of the busiest travel days of the holiday season. we'll tell you what conditions are like at the airport and why the conditions could change lar today. >>> we are gearing up for a wet, windy morning commute. i'll have what you can expect in a moment. >>> good morning. it is friday, december 21st i'm tori campbell in for pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather, traffic, steve is off. rosemary orozco is here today. you mean i need an umbrella today? >> yes unfortunately and i would say keep it handy for the entire weekend. we have three systems. the first one moving in this morning and the second on saturday the third on sunday. let's take a look at the where the rain is falling. it's been over the north bay for several hours. santa rosa picked up a half inch of rain already so far this morni
for the commission, 4 a. pablo patino, doing business as taqueria guadalajara. 4798 mission street for an extended hours permit. you are up. >> taqueria guadalajara is a privately opened restaurant, and they have a abc license and this application will allow them to operate after two and before six and they recommend approving this with eleven proposed conditions which are attached at the front of your packet. >> and the applicant here? >> hello? >> all right. >> turn the mic on. >> technical difficulties. >> hello? >> i apologize. >> hi my name is pablo patino. and i am here applying for an extended hours on my premises. i have a fast food restaurant and we serve tacos, burrittons and nachos to the customer and i would would like to extend my hours close to 3:30 on thursdays and friday, i am sorry, thursday at 3:00, friday 3:30, saturday 3:30, and sunday, 3:00 in the morning. >> have you seen the police conditions? >> yes, i already with... i forgot. officer mccarthy, regarding. i can hire a security guard. we are licensed to operate. and after midnight, that will help to protect my customers as
on the scene investigating a car which was driven spo a liquor store -- into a liquor store on san pablo avenue. >> reporter: right now over my shoulder54 you can see the -- over my shoulder, you can see that the shopkeepers are trying to get the store put back together. this blue chevrolet plowed right into the middle of the doorway of this liquor store. this is the ez liquor store. and the driver was heading northbound on san pablo and went to slow down, but that didn't happen. his foot went all the way to the floor, and his brakes were out so he lost complete control of his vehicle and plowed into the store. there was one shopkeeper inside the store. he was not hurt. there were no injuries on this, and that is the good news out here in berkeley. >>> san francisco decides whether or not to allow people to bare it all in public. plus, an update on the of those three firefighters who were hit by a car on a rain-slicked highway. >> later in this broadcast, steve lavin returns to play some college basketball. we'll be coaching st. john's versus usf. who's going to win the heisman. (car horn) pay
drake richmond and san pablo now where the heaviest of the rain is. more rain napa, sonoma, light to moderate this batch here is the wave we talked about yesterday that is going to energize this system and bring heavier rain during the morning commute. the sooner you can get out the better. as we head into the afternoon steady rain becomes showers upper 50s to mid 60s. >>> westbound 80 at cutting accident cleared to the shoulder east shore freeway, towards the berkeley curve and macarthur maze light. otherwise just roadwork south 101 lorenz expressway two left lanes until 5:00 this morning. dumbarton bridge one lane each direction until 5:00 this morning. >>> the rain they were talking about combined with the already saturated ground means scattered flooding and downed trees. you've seen this before i'm sure. terry mcsweeney is live along lucky drive in cortamadera. what are you seeing? >> reporter: what i'm seeing is some pooling let's call it this is an area that floods every time you get a serious downpour. one thing before i get into the flooding 900 pg&e customers without pow
del equipo san pablo y tigres de argentina se enfrentaron a empujones a final del primer tiempo. tigre no saliÓ a la segunda parte. jugadores de ese equipo fueron agredidos por personal de seguridad. 4 terminaron ensangrentados. concediÓ el campeonato al equipo brasileÑo san pablo. en una controversia que no ayuda en nada a la organizaciÓn en brasil. >>> >>> impresionantes imÁgenes de lo que se considera va a ver que imÁgenes el mayor desprendimiento que se grabara de un iceberg. y dos pilotos suizos tli zan este aviÓn para hacer historias. a tra a trece de facebook y twitter. las noticias de esta noche que terno >>> la basÍlica de guadalupe es considerada como la mÁs visitada del mundo se calcula que anualmente recibe 20 millones de peregrinos. entre ellos los que cada aÑo acuden rendirle tributo a la virgen morena. alejandro rl dan con las imÁgenes del 12 de diciembre del fervor religioso y los testimonios que algunos quieren darle a la virgen de guadalupe en su aniversario. >>> despuÉs de cantarle las maÑanitas miles de peregrinos llegaron al atrio de la basÍlica tras
. this all happened early this morning as well in the 800 block of immediate. right near san pablo. police there at that scene aren't saying a whole lot about what the motive may have been for that deadly shooting. or much about the victims. in both of these cases the victims remain unidentified. live this morning in oakland alex savidge. >>> the victim of a hit and run crash now has firsthand knowledge of the violent crimes crisis in oakland. he's been stranded since 7:00 last night. when he got here the truck slammed into his parked car. the hit and run driver left the scene. and he spent the entire night asking the oakland police department asking for help. >> they said they had no eta. no officers available. highway patrol officer came and said it's not his location. he left me here abandoned on this street which is not a good neighborhood. >> both the oakland fire department and aaa told them they could not help him because this was considered a crime scene. just hours ago we contacted oakland police. >>> the city of oakland says it has a new crime fighting strategy and comes after th
decir ya. >>> los primeros que cono sfafi en él. >>> pablo montero y su hermano que falleció hace 2 ó 3 años, era como mi hermano. aracely arámbula me graba y le produje su disco a aracely. >>> gracias a... >>> gracias a pablo. >>> grandes artistas han grabado su tema. pablo montero, la banda el recodo, crístian castro y sergio vega se ganó un grammy en el 2003 como compositor del disco de emilio navaira. y ha sido nominado en 4 ocasiones al latín grammy. >>> me puse una buena borrachera. >>> en el 2010 grabó un disco en homenaje a josé josé junto a otros cantantes. >>> grabo duetos arantxa, el maestro napoleón. >>> por qué no los deje cantar a ellos, ¿que estoy haciendo yo ahí?. >>> a pesar del éxito en su vida y su carrera, asegura que no descansar, hasta cumplir uno de sus más grandes sueños . >>> luis miguel lo ha sido de toda la vida. >>> precisamente con ese tema, a marte así, en su propia voz. ha logrado abrir nuevas puertas, carlos macias quiere seguir siendo uno de los compositores más solicitados por cantantes famosos y seguir triunfando a nivel nacional e int
arriving on scene of that accident. also couple of ones just came in. westbound 80 at san pablo blocking the road and 101 southbound at alemany reports of an accident possibly stuck in the right lane. now, the south bay checking in problem-free. one of our bright spots right now. you can see 101 we're still seeing a lot of green on our sensors. so far no delays along 101 or 280. now, let's get a live look at 101 at tully. we have a photographer standing by. you can see traffic light as you work your way through san jose. that's a look at your morning drive. back to you guys. >>> traffic is moving through devil's slide again this morning. crews did emergency work yesterday to shore up the roadway along the san mateo coast because of erosion caused by last week's storms. a new tunnel is set to open next year and caltrans hopes that will finally mean and end to road closures in the area but some drivers don't want the new tunnel. >> devil's slide is the most beautiful drive that i have ever been over and i'm sad that the tunnel is opening and it's going to take away the scenery. >> drivers
of reports of black ice now on san pablo dam road. this is right by san pablo reservoir. there was an accident just reported approaching inspiration point trail. so again, black ice reported in that stretch and on san pablo dam road towards orinda, as well. this is another accident we have been following, one, possibly two lanes blocked northbound 680 approaching highway 237. this is in milpitas. traffic has been so light, we have not seen much of a delay at all. 880 the nimitz as you past the coliseum looks good and a quick brick check. golden gate bridge traffic fine heading into san francisco. bay bridge no delay, no metering lights. back to you guys. >>> police say it was apparently a street race that led to a car crashing into a funeral home in concord. a 16-year-old was behind the wheel of a 1974 chevy nova. police say the teenager was going well over the 40-mile-an- hour speed limit and apparently racing another 16-year-old. a service was just beginning when the car crashed into ouimet brothers funeral chapel. >> literally five seconds after i had entered the side
putting it down around 45. but it's a sign of things to come. there are signs of san pablo bay. hidden brook. all the way out to fairfield. even vacaville. a little out to the east bay. a lot of these cells are just not being picked up by radar. the beam goes right over. closer to the sight santa cruz mountains you can pick that up. 50s on the temps. really because of that southeast wind but everything says this will be the warmest day of the week. 49 ukiah. 46 tahoe. last week we saw single digits. that is not the case here this morning. this will continue for the morning hours and then we'll get a break when i draw your attention to really cold air. 50s on the temps or low 60s. a lot of the highs will be set very early. i think before noon. colder or windy on tuesday. really cold wednesday morning. and then big low drops in and sets up and parks itself. which means a series of systems coming in. >>> back to developing news this morning in san francisco we are learning about a home invasion that happened just a few hours ago. ktvu channel 2 reporter brian flores is out near the scene
it flooded last night. low-lying area between sonoma and pablo bay floods frequently. they hope the water will recede enough to hope later today. >>> in east palo alto, people living along the san francisco key toe creek are hoping the rain -- san francisquito creek are hoping the rain won't bringing flooding. the weak levee is off east bay shore road the system needs to be strengthened construction project begins in the spring to do that. this morning a stretch of highway 1 south5: big sur remains closed after rock slides from the weekend storm. these are pictures from caltrans. the slide happened sunday afternoon, crews are working to clear the debris and repair a 60 foot section of damaged roadway. here's the specific stretch of road closed no word on when it is going to reopen officials hope to have one lane open later this week. >>> in the north bay rain and runoff have napa river swollen, but well within its banks other parts of wine country looked more like lakes, water topped levee at sonoma creek where it borders on 70 acres of vineyards, an area where people expect flooding in,
sro, safety resource officer, which is from san pablo pd. >> reporter: the school district says of course safety has always been a priority with them for years and here at the helms middle school, san pablo police conducted their annual walk-through just last week. the district is in the middle of rebuilding many old schools with new bond money. during a working lunch, an architect says meeting today's modern security needs requires special schools. >> solutions that balance between making school look like a school and not a prison or jail. >> reporter: the trick is to have the security measures blend in so you don't notice. school board member charges ramsey remembers the past. >> -- charles ramsey remembers the past. >> we have had shooting on our school grounds so we have been very pro-active as a school district working with local law enforcement. >> reporter: but there's a price for safety. the projected tab for just the security systems alone is over $3 million. in san pablo, don ford, cbs 5. >>> decorated war hero and long- time senator from hawaii daniel inouye has died.
pablo dam road black ice from el sobrante towards orinda so be extra careful. earlier there was an overturn injury crash needed a medical helicopter at the scene. both directions slow in the area. that's traffic, here's lawrence. >> very cold in the bay area frosty start to the day. out the door temperatures in the 20s in the north bay and santa rosa. 34 in livermore. and 31 degrees in concord. toward the afternoon, highs expected only in the upper 40s to the low 50s. and i think looking out towards new year's eve we're doing okay tonight. should stay dry, just a couple of passing clouds. a few clouds on new year's day. otherwise staying dry until about saturday. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was record his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only
castaneda. >>> we have a mudslide on san pablo avenue and this is in a neighborhood called tara hills, what do you know. also sky hill on pinehurst and both lanes are blocked there and finally parkway boulevard, we have a tree branch blocking one of the lanes there. >> and towards concord on 680, no problems to report and at the bay bridge toll plaza, you have a nice commute into san francisco this morning. finally near 880, you can see traffic is flowing nicely and traffic southbound as you make your way towards hayward. here is rosemary orozco. >>> taking a recess from the rain. we have a dry day in store for your christmas eve and this is what will come on christmas day. >>> we are still dealing with the flooding, minor flooding in and around the rushing river as well as other areas and the river will rise and another foot to go by 11:00 this morning and we will remain in monitoring stage w that, the national weather service as issued a flood watch for that area and parts of sonoma county. we are dry, partly cloudy skies, without those clouds we are a lot cooler, nothing to insulate us.
out there today. and the roads very slick on san pablo dam road. this is an overturned car. so again drive slowly. up next san francisco 101 looking good in both directions. traffic on the right there southbound toward sfo no delays. let's take a look at another bay area bridge. no delays to report. traffic on the right hand side there westbound as you make the drive toward foster city. let's check in with steve. i wasn't expecting that black ice. >> well, we had the rain friday night and saturday morning. i think most of it is about gone though. i'm looking to see if my computer -- hold on. don't go anywhere. i don't think it loaded. >> you think the cold air got to it? >> yeah. >> froze up. that occasionally happens. >> isn't that a beautiful picture i painted for you? >> that is spectacular. it is cold out there. a lot of tweets coming in cold, cold. 30s and upper 20s. cold to chilly. cold on the lows. chilly on the high temps. clouds, sun, and extended. a pattern change. i think we're going quiet here. there will still be systems coming in. you can see it splitting. when that hap
comunidad nicaragÜense celebrÓ el dÍa de la griteria, pablo lacayo n flavio >>> buenas noches estoy en la ciudad de san mateo donde diversos fel logre estigreses s para celebrar la griteria una fiesta que naciÓ haces 150 aÑos. la gente y la virgen salen faen procesiÓn y salen a gritar. >>> primero empieza en la iglesia >>> examen skwo lcomenzÓ a las por las calles y va por grupos y dicen quiÉn causÓ tanta alegrÍa >>> la concepciÓn de marÍa >>> y reportan arroz, frijoles, quienes llegan del demasiado blo participar de u >>> lo que incluye lo mÁs rico son los platillos ti picos de esta celebraciÓn. y maÑana en muchas iglesias del Área de la bahÍa celo ba ran el dÍa de concepciÓn de marÍa, es mi rÍo porte desde san mateo. gracias a todos en seguida notic noticias univisiÓn 14 una broma de unos locutores cuando la princesa caso tina f fue captado cuando una camioneta se estrellÓ en este lugar, la hija del dueÑo ayudaba a una clooep cliente que resultÓ herida en Í. un soldado hispano regresa a casa para descubrir al mismo paÍs a quien defiende, quiere p muerte, pero al
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 164 (some duplicates have been removed)